Back From The Dead: Crusaders


Wounds on the bones of six fallen Crusaders reveal what really happened at the bloody battle of Jacob’s Ford in 1179.

Back From The Dead: Nelson's Navy


Archaeological digs in three great naval ports of southern England provide an unparalleled new insight into the lives and deaths of 18th and 19th Century sailors in the British Royal Navy.

Dispatches - Fashion's Dirty Secrets

Current Affairs

Dispatches reveals the dangerous working conditions behind some famous High Street labels - produced in British sweatshops

Sun, Sea and A&E Season 3

Factual Entertainment

A new series of Sun, Sea and A&E returns to the beaches and bars of southern Spain to discover what happens when things go wrong on a holiday of a lifetime

Rude Tube - Series 5

Factual Entertainment

The wierdest, funniest and zaniest UGC clips on the net - we find them so you don't have to. Presented by Alex Zane

Emergency Abroad

Factual Entertainment

Following the experiences of holidaymakers in Spain when accidents and illnesses take them from holiday to hospital.

My Daughter Grew Another Head And Other True Life Stories


A film about the people behind the huge and growing popularity of True Life magazines

10 Ways To Kill Bin Laden


The inside story of America's hunt for the world's most wanted man.

The Raoul Moat Tapes - Inside The Mind Of A Killer


A forensic insight into the the mind of Britian's Most Wanted Man - using his own words.