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Jodie Marsh on Drugs

Jodie Marsh investigates the new world of drugs from the impact of Britain’s Ketamine habit to explosion of legal highs

As a strong anti-drugs advocate, she pushes her way into a world she knows nothing about to meet its players and understand the risks.But Jodie’s investigation opens up an even more frightening drugs trend, where entirely legal but potential lethal drugs can be bought online or on the high street. These are cheap, untested and Jodie’s horrified when analysis reveals exactly what’s in the packets she’s bought.

Legal highs are a global problem and Jodie heads to the US where synthetic cannabis has led to mass overdoses. The human cost is enormous. It’s a top priority for law enforcement and Jodie joins an operation by Drugs Enforcement Administration.


Production Detail

Broadcaster: TLC

Year: 2015

Length: 1 x 60 minutes