The Big Spring Clean

Phil Spencer is setting out to address Britain’s burgeoning clutter crisis

With the nation’s houses shrinking in size and an estimated £32.7 billion of unused objects cluttering up British homes it seems we’ve never had more stuff and less space to stuff it…

Phil Spencer dispatches a team of specialists to de-clutter and redesign a particularly disorderly family home in Devon to show how we can all learn to live a lot better with a little bit less. Professional organiser Vicky Silverthorn helps the Hall family find the courage to kick-off an enormous clear out. Meanwhile, award-winning architect Phil Coffey and upcycling product designer Max McMurdo are tasked with designing innovative, beautiful and affordable family-friendly storage solutions; the only unknown is will everything the Halls need in their home fit back in?

Production Detail

Broadcaster: Channel 4

Year: 2016

Length: 1 x 60 mins