Dispatches: Sharing Mum and Dad

How Britian is managing the decline of the traditional nuclear family

Today, one in three children in the UK grow up in a home with only one parent. But are we doing what's best for the children of separated parents? Dispatches follows presenter Tim Lovejoy, a divorced father of two and presenter of C4’s Sunday Brunch, as he investigates the current situation surrounding shared parenting following divorce or separation. The programme investigates the roles of mums and dads in 2013, asking whether current legislation in this area is up-to-date with the way in which modern families operate, and exploring different ways of sharing parenting post-separation.

After going head to head in early 2012 with the former Children’s Minister, Tim Loughton MP, on Twitter, Tim has continued to instigate a national debate on these issues using social media - much of which has been incorporated into this film.

Production Detail

Year: 2013

Length: 1 x 30 minutes

Broadcaster: Channel 4