Letting Go

What happens when children with a learning disability grow up? Who will care for them when their parents cannot?

Having a child leave home is difficult enough for any parent, but when your teenage daughter has Down’s Syndrome it’s even harder. Domenica Lawson, nearly sixteen, is unsettled at the prospect of growing up and of having to leave a warm and supportive home. But it’s her mother, Rosa Monkton, who is faced with the challenge of planning for the future, knowing that her daughter must eventually leave home and start an independent life without her. Letting Go follows Rosa and her daughter as she leaves school and takes her first steps into a more adult world. And as Domenica prepares for the challenges of independent life, Rosa meets three other young people with learning disabilities, and discovers how they are managing their transition to greater independence.


Production Detail

Broadcaster: BBC

Year: 2012

Length: 1 x 50 minutes