Motorheads is a car show for the internet age with hosts Tom Ford and Jonny Smith scouring the web for the funniest; most madcap and nail biting videos that the web has to offer. 


Hosted by BBC Brit’s top motor-mouths, Tom Ford & Jonny Smith. Our ‘Motorheads’ have scoured Youtube – so you don’t have to. They are set to guide you through the best motoring madness the internet has to offer. From the unbelievable to the impossible and pit-stopping at the weird and funny, Tom and Jonny show you the clips and put their own spin on them. With funny skits, madcap challenges, guests, gadgets and a family of contributing characters, this is ‘Motorheads’ – the definitive one stop shop for all your online motor-based mayhem! 

Production Detail

Year: 2016

Broadcaster: BBC WorldWide, BBC Brit

Length: 10 x 60 mins