Return To Iraq (w/t)

In 2003, as a young soldier in the Royal Engineers, Adnan Sarwar was part of the British forces occupying southern Iraq. Now a journalist and writer he is returning, 15 years after the invasion. The first episode of this two-part series is airing on 3rd June 2018 on BBC2.

Return To Iraq (W/T)

Adnan Sarwar  initially viewed his mission in Iraq as liberating the country’s people from Saddam Hussein. But when parts of the population turned against the allied forces, Adnan saw first-hand how driving Saddam from power led to more violence and ultimately the creation of ISIS.  Now, with ISIS gone, he is travelling back to Iraq to discover the country afresh, beyond the headlines and wars to meet everyday people rebuilding their lives. 

On a journey from Mosul to Basra,  from snowy peaks to arid deserts, Adnan ventures through ancient hilltop villages, ISIS tunnels, and magnificent gorges.  He experiences the danger of the mine clearing teams in Mosul, where people are returning to their homes, and joins wildlife conservationists releasing bears near one of Saddam Hussein’s old palaces. He meets pop-singers, all-female fighting units, archaeologists, oil-workers, LGBT activists and ordinary Iraqis from all walks of life.

But with sectarian violence, ISIS sleeper cells and deadly bomb attacks still a daily reality, Adnan explores whether the country can break its cycle of violence and forge a better future

Production Detail

Broadcaster: BBC2

Year: 2018 

Length: 2 x 60 mins