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The quest to expand the boundaries of human knowledge takes scientists to the edges of the Earth

Trailblazers follows three elite survivalists as they lead separate teams of scientists through some of the most dangerous regions of the world in the search for clues and discoveries that could lead to scientific breakthroughs. From the largely unexplored island of Papua New Guinea, to the Jurassic Park-like jungles of Bolivia and the volcanic landscapes of Ecuador - Gary Humphrey, Nick Koumalatsos and Shaun Keilen represent some of the most elite trailblazers in the world. Harsh elements, dangerous creatures, and lethal terrain are just a few of the obstacles the trailblazers and scientists must face. The stakes are high but the rewards could change the world and science as we know it. 

Official Website: Trailblazers

Production Detail

Broadcaster: Discovery 

Year: 2016

Length: 6 x 60 minutes