October Films

In the wilderness of Oregon, women go missing while a predator roams free

  • Released
  • Broadcaster
    ID and Max
  • Duration
    3 x 60
  • In 1990, 13 year-old Rachanda Pickle goes missing, following an argument with her father, Steven Pickle. But when his alibi checks out, police turn their attention to her stepfather, an engineer working on Oregon’s twisting mountain road, Highway 20. As detectives look more closely at his past, they discover a connection to a runner who went missing in 1978.

    What begins as a true crime mystery spirals into the hunt for a serial killer hiding in plain sight and a powerful reckoning on the importance of believing girls and women.

    Executive Produced by Oscar winning actress Octavia Spencer in conjunction with her company ORIT Entertainment

    Mysteries of the Faith