October Films

A landmark series revealing the extraordinary global impact of the world’s most popular sport

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    Amazon Prime
  • Duration
    6 x 60
  • Each instalment of THIS IS FOOTBALL celebrates through intimate documentary access how the sport amplifies the best of the human condition and experience.

    ‘Redemption’ takes the viewer into the devastation of the Rwandan genocide and shows how football helped once rivalled tribes heal. ‘Belief’ looks at the spectacular rise of women’s football through two teams who gave everything to make it happen. ‘Chance’ takes the agony and ecstasy of fates that humble champions and keep every fan believing. ‘Love’ uses global stories to show how passion for the game transcends adversity. ‘Pride’ sees Iceland’s Vikings give every underdog hope, and ‘Wonder’ unlocks the secrets of Messi’s genius.

    VIAGRA: The (Little Blue) Pill that Changed The World